Habits that are Bad for Hairs

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Habits that are Bad for Hairs

Habits that are Bad for Hairs

Habits that are bad for hairs

Everyone wants a healthy, strong and shiny hair because they want to see their hairs growing. To look beautiful with hair, individual color it,make different hairstyles and use different tools and product. Hairs are so sensitive and not every hair is made same. Individual do everything in order to make their hairs attracftive although there are certain habits that are bad for hairs.

There are many things which can become the reason of hair problems. Either it is a bad diet or hereditary. As we blame several causes are the reason of hair problem. Same goes with certain habits. There are some routine habits that are bad for hairs

Following are the top 5 routine habits that are bad for hairs:

Shower Habit:

The most common habit that are bad for hairs is frequent washing hair or not washing hairs for too long both are not good for hairs.Many of the people wash hair regularly which can remove the natural oil from scalp and. There are also many peoples who do not wash their hair for too long usually gap between 2 to 3 days or some time more days. If hairs do not wash for several days than it produces oil which can block the pores. Hence, it can makes hurdle in hair growth also it cause dandruff.

Brushing wet hairs:

Another most common habit that are bad for hairs is treating wet hairs harshly. Mostly people are in hurry in the morning, while showering in this time is little bit rush. Often people brush wet hairs in order to solve tangle quickly. But brushing wet hairs can become the reason of weaken hairs because hair root are most sensitive at that time. Brushing can cause the hair to pullout. So, make sure before brushing your hairs are little bit or complete dry.

Wrapping hairs in towel:

Many people especially females wrap their hairs in towel after washing hair. But it is not a good habit. Wrapping hairs in a towel makes the hair frizzy as well as so curly. So it is essential to just lightly scrunch hair with towel rather than wrapping it.

Wearing tight hairstyles:

Wearing tight hairstyles is another habit that are bad for hairs. There are many person who wear tight hairstyles. It includes ponytail, tight buns and braid for a long time can cause several breakage or damage to hairs. Carrying hairstyles for several time can lead to hair loss,receding hairline or even bald patches in the scalp. So, it is important to wear loose hairstyles that cannot damage or harm the hairs.

Hair products:

There are several hair products that can damage the hairs because many of the products contain excessive chemicals. This is not good for hairs. Like gels, cream, hair sprays and so on. Using in routine can become the reason of many hair problems. So, this habit is also bad for hair.

Almost every person wants their hair to look beautiful as well as manageable. For this they do several things without knowing that these habits are bad for hairs. It is important to look out what routine habits are going to affect hairs. Protecting hairs with bad habits can lead to make hairs healthy for a longer period of time. Just have a look on routine habits,even if one of them can be eliminated a person will see a big difference.

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